20 January 2018

PROJECT: Solar Picture Frame

Quick update. This year we decided to give our family a solar powered photo frame that used a 3D printed photo from our wedding. Here is how it all works:
  1. During day time sun shines on photo making it visible, sun also shines on solar panel
  2. CL0116/QX5252/YX8018 senses sun is present and decides to charge the battery
  3. During night time CL0116/QX5252/YX8018 senses sun is gone and decides to turn ON the LED’s which in turn illuminates the photo from the back
For the circuit refer to this post from 2015. You will need to replace D1/C1/R1 with a string of LED's in parallel, and play around with L1 till you get the best brightness per current, for me this was 47uH.

Anyway, here is a video of me testing the assembly in SolidWorks before 3D printing the models:

And here is the end result:

06 January 2018

PROJECT: Slow Motion Frame

This/last year (2017/2018) I decided to make a slow motion frame to celebrate our Anniversary/Xmas/New Year/Valentines/Birthday... lots of birds with one stone ;^)

Here & here is the tutorial I followed. How the frame works is that the electromagnet causes the flower (or what ever you attach) to vibrate at a certain base frequency (say 79.8Hz), if you then strobe the LED's at say ±0.1Hz to 5Hz to the base frequency you will get an interesting optical illusion, the flower will seem to be moving in slow motion.

And here is a video showcasing it working, as well as some progress photos of the build: