10 July 2022

UPDATE: COVID, TV Cabinet, & Half-Life 2 AR2


Life sure has a funny sense of humour, only last week I was having a chat with colleagues about how lucky I have been to have dodge the COVID bullet for so long... and well guess who caught the thing not long after D:

Recovery wise things are progressing well. I got over the major flu-like symptoms relatively quickly (thanks to the vaccine and booster), and am now left with a blocked nose and a minor loss of smell

TV Cabinet

The waifu :3 and I have finalised our biggest (physically and workload wise) wood-working project to date, a TV cabinet. Just like with our Kitchen Shelves the plan is to fasten as many thing as possible with wood joints (vs say wood screws)

A funny thing that did happened during the SOLIDWORKS assembly check is that we realised there may be a bit of an issue getting the thing in/out of the apartment...

Lucky for us we realised that we can just stand the bottom cabinet upright and wedge it out of the lounge/entrance-hall bit by bit

Half-Life 2 AR2

So what does this all mean for the AR2? Well... we are aiming to finish the TV cabinet this year (and for a really good reason too), meaning work on the AR2 will be slow ; - ;

BUT that does not mean I am giving up, and right now I am making some slow but steady progress on the AR2 Barrel assembly: