24 December 2019

PROJECT: Half-Life 2 AR2, Update #1 - Info & Model

Here is a passion project I have been slowly working on since 2012, and only recently has it started to take actual shape. The project is a rifle from my long time favourite video game Half-Life 2 called the Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle (OSIPR), however in the community it is more commonly referred to as the Pulse Rifle or the AR2
Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle (OSIPR) aka Pulse Rifle aka AR2

The plan is to make it as functional as possible (sound, lights, and movement wise) with the help of SolidWorks, Altium, and 3D printing. I then want to make a cosplay using the AR2, first as the Resistance/Rebels and finally as the Combine:
Resistance/Rebels from Half-Life 2

Combine from Half-Life 2

Looking back, one of the major reasons this project has only recently started to gain momentum is due to the gradual improvement of my own skillset
For example, when I first started in 2012 I planned to make the rifle completely out of wood and mimic the firing pin movement with a motor, this proved to be quite difficult so I shelved the project. The second attempt (2015) involved me exporting the 3D model from the game files and importing it into SketchUp, I soon found that the model had too many errors to work with plus doing such a complex assembly in SketchUp was never a good idea, so the project was shelved again

With my current attempt I have designed the 3D model completely from scratch in SolidWorks (see pictures below). Next I plan to:
  1. Figure out mechanical movement of barrel, reload mechanism, and firing pin
  2. Design the circuit (sound, lights, and movement) in Altium
  3. Adjust 3D model internals and solve how it all fits together in SolidWorks
  4. 3D print rifle on my trusty Prusa i3 MK3S
AR2 game model (exported from w_irifle)

Overlaid AR2 game & SolidWorks models

AR2 SolidWorks model

Simulated AR2 barrel mechanism (gear & rack exported from Gear Template Generator)