11 May 2018

UPDATE: Various Projects

Not enough time/energy (yay cold) to do a whole write-up, so here is a quick update on what we have been up to:
  1. A while back I ordered a new 3D printer, a Prusa i3 MK3. This gave us the motivation to make some bookshelves that would house the unit along with our other "clutter". Once my partner finished the design I keyed it into SolidWorks, that way we could see how it all fitted together before actually building it. After we were happy it was on to cutting the wood, and wowsers there was so much cutting that we had to make a cover for our circular-saw to catch all the dust. One last interesting point, the shelves were mostly made from wood we had found on the street, we only had to get a couple of meters or extra wood for the bottom rails. Anyway here is how it came out:
  2. I have finally joined the dual monitor club :D After upgrading my laptop screen I had a spare 1366 x 768 panel lying around, so I decided to try and make this into a 2nd monitor. If you have ever seen the port of a laptop screen you would know that you can't just plug it directly into a DVI/HDMI/VGA port, instead you have to use an adapter board. After contacting a seller they said that this board would be compatible with my screen (M125NWR3). If you plan on doing this yourself my advice is to contact the seller, as there is no "one size fits all" converter board. Finally you can get the SolidWorks & STL files here, and here is what the assembly looks like:
  3. Lastly I am working on a small project with a mate. Can't say what it is yet but can say that PCB design is coming along nicely, just need to finish off the last PCB section and then we can place an order for the boards & parts. I also received my ReflowR a while back, so am super excited to try it out with this.

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