13 January 2019

UPDATE: Etsy Store Reopening

A quick update. Almost two years ago I opened up my Etsy store where I was selling a wedding ornament, also in those two years I have only made a single sale. Not long ago my wife suggested that I give this e-commerce thing another go and in the process I added 8 more ornaments, most to do with video games. Long story short it's going much better than expected, in the 2months the store has been "reopened" I have made an additional 15 sales and have shipped out 22 units (some bought more than one).

Another thing I found out is that keeping track of how the store is going has become a hobby in itself, as I have a multi-tabbed spreadsheet where I record things like: sales, cost of materials/utilities/assembly/shipping, profit margins and so on...

Anyway here are some pictures of what I now sell:

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