17 March 2019

PROJECT: Solar Weather Station, Update #2 - Travel & Portable Lab

The cat is out of the bag we are going on a big overseas trip ;^)

Since travel will take a large chunk of the journey (4-5days) I decided to take my latest project with me, as I can see myself getting a bit bored during the transit.

Inside the kit I have everything I need to power-up, program, & debug the modified nRF52832 dev board I made a while back. Also for reference here is a full list of what I'm taking:

  • ThinkPad X260 (an awesome portable laptop)
  • SEGGER J-Link clone (programmer)
  • Saleae Logic 16 clone (logic analyzer)
  • nRF52832 dev board (modified to take USB 5V and convert to 3V3 & 1V8)
  • nRF52832 spare breakout board
  • BME280 breakout boards
  • SGP30 breakout board
  • Logic level converter (should not need)
  • USB to Serial converter
  • USB power monitor
  • Various USB cables
  • Various cables & probes

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