27 January 2020

UPDATE: Various 3D Printed Projects

Here is another quick update, this time covering some 3D printed projects I recently completed:
  1. My wife’s laptop seems to overheat when encoding videos or playing GPU heavy games. So I made a stand to give the laptop intakes/vents more air and move the screen to a more comfortable height. If you want to make one yourself, you can find the model here
  2. Another one for my wife who mainly works from a laptop connected to an external monitor. Recently work threw out a fairly decent PC (i7-3770k CPU, 32GB RAM, GTX 760 GPU), so we decided to refurbish it has her main computer. The problem she soon encountered was that it was a pain having to unplug the monitor/keyboard/mouse from her laptop and plug them into the desktop, so I designed a wee box to house USB & HDMI extension cables. Come to think of it we should have just got a KVM switch…
  3. Lastly, I made some 3D printed frames for the postcards & instax/Polaroid pictures we got along our 4 month overseas trip. You can grab the model here

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