30 April 2020

PROJECT: Half-Life 2 AR2, Update #3 - The Waiting Game


Progress has been quite slow thanks to the hectic period we are in (I'm looking at you COVID19). You would think that working from home would give me more time to work on projects, but being stuck inside for a big portion of the day is quite mentally draining....

But getting back to progress, initial tests of the firing pin assembly were quite positive, I could get reliable cycling up to 3Hz (in the game the AR2 cycles at ~9Hz). The big limiter here is the return motion, which can be improved by using a stiffer spring. However if the spring is too stiff then the forward motion will be negatively impacted. So now I am waiting for a bunch of springs to try out

To keep myself occupied I have started working on the magazine assembly. So far I have defined the area that will house all the electronics (batteries, servo, control board...), and am now figuring out the shell movement (from magazine to barrel). Here is how the AR2 is looking so far:

Also, if you have not seen my previous post I have decided to get the multi material upgrade (MMU2S) for my 3D printer (Prusa i3 MK3S). I envision this being crazy useful as it will enable me to print soluble supports, which will make printing awkward shapes (basically everywhere on AR2) much easier

UPDATE: It didn't ;^)

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