27 September 2020

PROJECT: Half-Life 2 AR2, Update #6 - Now with Sound


Quick update... I have the sound part of the AR2 prototype working :D

To give you a quick rundown. Initially I went with a VS1000 based dev-board but soon found that this chipset does not support polyphonic playback, as in a sound must finish playing before another can be played. Well this is where the WAV Trigger (a crazy flexible WAV player designed by Jamie Robertson) comes in, as this STM32 based dev-board allows you to play up to 14 tracks at the same time! Which is perfect for blending the firing/reloading sounds the AR2 makes 

Also with the current prototype I am using a Class AB amplifier to drive a 4Ω 3W speaker. I did have a quick play around with a Class D amplifier, but found that it slightly distorted the firing sound

With all that said, the next step is to fix up the 3D model (note all the black marker markers...) and start thinking about combining all these dev-boards into one (as in put my Altium hat on)

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