07 March 2021

PROJECT: Woodworking & 3D Printing

Sometime in late 2018 my wife and I decided to upgrade her workspace. The initial plan was to tackle this in several sections:

  1. Build the left (self-contained) shelf
  2. Build the right (self-contained) shelf
  3. Bridge the two with a desk

Well we managed to complete left shelf within a couple of months, as for the last two... they basically took us till late 2020. Surprisingly we have COVID to thank for that, as being locked inside with nothing to do gave us a wee boost :D

An interesting aspect I wanted to try with this project is merging woodworking with 3D printing, as I felt the two could complement each other reasonably well especially with smaller fittings. So below I document such 3D printed items:

Small Drawers

Probably the only exception to the "smaller fittings" description. The larger drawer measures 320 x 300 x 70mm and both had to be split into several parts. The only things not 3D printed with these was the metal rods running through the body (for extra support), and the MDF base. Also the body is printed in PETG and fastened with Loctite Control Gel Super Glue

Drawer Handles

Wife wanted something flush yet accessible, so came up with this simplistic design

Drawer Supports

A while back we found a bamboo tray (on the street!) which we decided to convert into a drawer. Initially we were going to mount the drawer slides onto another piece of wood, but after realising how much work would be involved (and how uncool it would look) we decided to 3D print the supports instead

KVM Switch Bracket

Couple of brackets that hold a KVM switch (Unnlink 2 port). Side note, the switch makes it incredibly easy to jump between the laptop & desktop

HDMI Splitter Bracket

Couple of brackets that hold an HDMI splitter (CABLETIME C355). Again super useful for changing between the TV and monitor

Cable Holders

Super simple cable holder. Initially this was twice as tall (so you could cram more cables) but someone wanted a more flush design...

Outlet Bracket

Couple of brackets that hold an 8 way outlet (HPM D105PA8CC). The cylindrical cut-outs act as a cable runway (unfortunately the outlet mains cable was on wrong side...)

Wood Spacer

This one is probably the most "pure" merger of woodworking and 3D printing, a simple 7mm thick spacer that allows the desk and shelf surface to be level 


Fern Pot Brackets

Don't recall the exact plant pot & saucer combo, but suspect it's something like this & this

Laptop Stand (ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ...)

Simple Metabox Alpha N850HJ stand, same one shown here

Desktop USB & HDMI Bracket

Makes USB (2.0 & 3.0) & HDMI ports more accessible, again same one shown here