02 April 2021

RESEARCH: Sunglasses & Attenuation of UV/WHT Light

This project is part of the "why am I jumping to other projects before finishing off my old ones" series...

I have always wanted a compact UV capable flash light and last week got the JETBeam MINI ONE SE (it's surprising how much they managed to cram into this thing...). Well after playing around with the UV light I soon found that I am quite sensitive to it, which would explain why I tend to get headaches after spending a good portion of the day outside

To help with these headaches I have some clip on polarizing sunglasses, and now that I have a UV source I was curious how well they attenuated UV (365nm) & WHT light. So I used my works spectrometer to get some cool spectra plots

Ambient Light

Here is the ambient light spectrum after the spectrometer was zeroed (below is a roughly overlaid humanly visible spectrum)

UV Light (365nm)

0.42W/m² → 0.05W/m² (~89% reduction)

NOTE: 365nm is a bit too close to the spectrometer limits, so there is a bit of clipping happening

WHT Light

75.31W/m² → 22.12W/m² (~71% reduction)

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