26 February 2022

UPDATE: Ukraine 2022

I am so utterly disappointed with Putin's decision to invade Ukraine. His lengthy dictatorship of Russia has put him out of touch with his people and the world as a whole, and it's so heartbreaking that he is willing to risk so much only to separate the many friends and families of two nations...

The only sane voice in this conflict seems to be that of Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who released a well put plea for the Russian people to look beyond Putin's propaganda and see him for the tyrant he is

28/02/22 Update

A YouTube channel I follow called Супер Сус just released a video showing current life in Kyiv. In their usual videos they would show off abandoned metro tunnels or even explore the Chernobyl exclusion zone, all in a very colourful/expressionist way. But the thing that hit really hard in their latest video is seeing the hermetic doors being shut in the Kyiv Metro to protect the civilians on the other side... Like in their older videos whenever they come across a hermetic door they would explain that the door would close in the unlikely event of an attack on Kyiv... and here we are...

05/03/22 Update

For those that have friends & family living in Russia that are too deep in Putin's propaganda, below is a good website that shares a similar experience between a son living in Ukraine and a father living in Russia:



The important thing is to keep the communication channel open. Don't be be angry and blame them for Russia's war/invasion of Ukraine. Make it clear that you are against Putin and his chokehold of the Russian people

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