12 January 2023

UPDATE: Bottle Steriliser Buzzer & Work Party Costume

Feels like this year is going to be a bit of a slow one in terms of blog updates, see if you can figure out why below 🙃

Baby Bottle Steriliser Buzzer

Last year we got the Minbie Steriliser & Dryer v1, a compact baby bottle steriliser. And this year we found just how loud the piezo buzzer is... which is a bit odd considering some parents/bubs are easily woken up D: 

Luckily this one was an easily fix, just add an in-line potentiometer to adjust the volume:

Work Party Costume

Last year my work held the annual birthday party at the Melbourne Museum Science and Life Gallery, with the theme being "Night at the Museum, Moments, Figures and Natural History". For my costume I decided to go as an "alien disguised as a museum cleaner", which I showed with a rather nifty headpiece (see video below)

The costume managed to win the "Most Innovative Costume" award, which was a pleasant surprise :D

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